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With Growing traction on digital platforms, e-commerce has seen massive growth and has attracted numerous brands, sellers, and products on online platforms for selling their products.

With this e-commerce is witnessing fierce competition in various categories. In such a scenario, visibility becomes critical to selling, and prior to that choice of product is also very vital.

E-commerce involves a lot of specialized work wherein the choice of product is critical to the success of an e-commerce company or platform. The factor which is very critical in choosing a product for e-commerce is volume, market size, and customer demand in that category. Having said that these are all interconnected factors and the choice of product has also to be verified through products already being sold, so we at Digi Aansh help businesses to select the right kind of product that will help you get early success.

Our Pre-launch Services includes step by step approach before listing the product online

Identify the product based on data and analysis? How many sellers are selling it? In the event that it isn't popular would we be able to spur interest in it? Whether it is appropriate to sell as far as profit margin, shipping charges, and individuals' necessities? Are there any comparative items being sold on e-commerce? What is their sales data? How much sales are they doing? How much revenue are they generating? Does this also include whether that product is profitable or not?

Aftermarket research we do detailed planning on the basis of

  • Who are our target audience
  • On the basis of the audience how will it be presented and advertised
  • We Choose a category to present it in ( Graphics, Keywords, Brand Character)
  • We do market research, competitive analysis in order to comprehend where we stand and how much we have to work.
  • We then start our listing, presentation, and cataloging.
The advertisement comes after it

- It plays a huge role especially in E-commerce as people choose a product on the basis of how a product looks and how it is presented. We plan the advertisement as per the audience and the category.

Once the sale starts we try to establish Brand Value.

- It basically depends on the customer's initial reaction and feedback.

We pass on the Feedback to brands on the basis of performance so that they further improve the products that we can transform in order to regain stability in the market in terms of sales and brand value.

Our E-commerce Services are divided into Pre Launch Services, Launch Services, and Post Launch Services (Account Management Phases).

Digi Aansh offers the following Pre Launch services for selling on Amazon
  • Product Research with Data.
  • Market Potential Analysis with Top Sellers.
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Right Strategy for Launching. Pricing suggestion for Products.
  • Branding and Positioning including Photoshoot and Graphics for right messaging.
  • Content Development which is SEO Optimised and as per format of guidelines of Amazon.
  • Aplus (Enhance Brand Content) and Brand Store.

Special Thanks to our mentor Mr. Anshuman Kumar to guide us about ecommerce marketing

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