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Over 83% of users want to discover a brand's personality through social media. Although the terms e-marketing and digital media marketing are still dominant in academia. Social media marketing is becoming more popular for both practitioners as well as researchers.

Customers/clients want to stay connected. The client always wants to interact, share and do various things to increase theirs after purchase encounter. Here, we learn how to interact with our clients and also their competitors' products. The aforementioned helps us to reach their particular insights. We then acquire an actionable plan that is resembling reality. This helps us interact and create brand experiences that connect clients through the best platforms available. Here, at Digi Aansh , we provide you with phenomenal social media marketing.


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Social Apps:

Applications like Facebook and Instagram are now firmly advancing into the epicenter of all marketing strategies. Therefore, these apps act as the most quintessential and practical tools for the survival of the brand on this particular social Medium.

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Surveys and Contests:

We can also develop certain apps like Facebook and Instagram to create specific contests and run some polls and surveys.

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Community Development:

Creating a community space where people can recount and interact with brands beyond social space.

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Social Analytics:

Find necessary data from the activities to surmise the effectiveness of individual action and how to employ resources more beneficially.

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Video Content Production:

Interactive video creation with the unique and appealing concept using the latest tech, 2D, 3D, educative and instructional videos, animated videos, time-lapse, stop motion, etc.

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Social Tracking and Reporting:

It helps in keeping an eye on the social activities and reporting to let you know of the direct benefits and impact of activities happening on your platforms.


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Facebook can be used in various ways and one cannot simply disregard this application at today's date and age. It is, without a dilemma, one of the most actively used platforms for social networking and is used by millions. A Facebook page is a great free marketing tool for enterprises. One can also use Facebook insights to see what resonates most with the public.

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Instagram is pretty much similar to Facebook, and is one of the fastest-growing platforms. The best part is, it is personalized and can generate more extensive engagement among the audience. It can also help you grow brand awareness and introduce new products. According to a survey, every month, around 130 Million Instagram users engage with shopping content.

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Twitter can be used as an application to share the word at the quickest. It can prove to be a classic one-step-ahead app. On Twitter, some brands create hashtags for a specific campaign and use that hashtag to label individual tweets or encourage their audience to share tweets of that particular hashtag.

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It's free and one of the most powerful places to make something go viral at the global level. One can create a channel and promote it.

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LinkedIn is not just a social network aimed at business users. Rather, it should be seen as an online network of prominent people all over the world.