Marketing Mistakes NOT to repeat in e-commerce

Running an e-commerce site is not as easy as it looks. If you want to hit your business goals, then you will need the right marketing strategy. There are plenty of common e-commerce marketing mistakes that new businesses often fall victim to. It’s important to understand these issues early on so that you can boost growth and sales without restrictions.

You can go through Digi Aansh’s suggestions below on some of the major marketing mistakes to avoid in order to make sure that your business booms in the marketplace

  • Avoid choice of non-conducive product category, to begin with like seasonal products, volumetric products, and perishable items with low shelf life.
  • Avoid launching Products without category and competitive analysis.
  • Avoid purchasing a product at higher rates.
  • Avoid choosing products that can not be replenished in the future like a particular design or print or style.
  • Avoid choosing products that take a lot of time for production as e-commerce is very fast-paced and product visibility is lost quickly once the product gets out of stock.
Failing to define your target audience:

A target audience is a distinct group of people your business will target using advertising campaigns, content, website copy, communication on social media, and so on. The more specific and niche your target audience is, the higher your chances will be of reaching and convincing them to purchase from you.

How do you define your target audience?

1. Identify the problems your product solves: This will help you define the people that can benefit from it. You need to know how to position your product so that your target audience understands that they MUST buy from you to solve their problems.
2. Get to know your target market: This can be a little difficult if you are starting from scratch, but there are services available that can help you poll people to find out more details about your potential target audiences.
3. Continually keep an eye on the data: Review your results, re-evaluate insights and data once in a while to be able to refine your communication strategies when needed.

Low-quality product photos:
The number of images you put up on your website might vary depending on what you sell. For instance, if you run a clothing store, the minimum should probably be 7 pictures, including the front, back, side view, and a detailed shot of the product. If you’re selling something more complex, like a technology of some sort, you might need 7 or more pictures.

Forgetting that content copy and design are symbiotic:
The main point of your content copy is to get visitors to read it and convert. Good design will set the stage so that customers can easily read and then immediately react appropriately. On the other side of this equation, copywriters should also be flexible enough to make the content copy fit perfectly into the design without taking away from the visual appeal.

Failing to provide social proof ratings and reviews :
Social proof can be one of the most valuable weapons in your marketing strategy. They help build trust, inspire people to take action, and can boost conversion rates as a result. Rating and reviews are very critical to your conversion.

Failing to stay in touch with customers:
If you aren’t reaching out to or planning to reach out to, customers, you are missing out on some huge opportunities. From emails to SMS and social media messages, staying in contact with your target audience. Make sure you have a strategy that will allow you to effectively target your target audiences in the ways that they will be most likely to see and interact with your messages.

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