The sequence of post-production workflow is based on important things

In commercial and advertising photography, post-production is a fundamental piece of the image creation process. Top-of-the-line correcting and inventive making are similarly pretty much as significant as the nature of the set.
The post-production process is what any product goes through after it stops shooting and before the project is released to the public. Post-production is the long-standing final stage of any Photo/Video. The primary objective of post-production in product photography is the correction and enhancement of pictures. Everybody expects photographs that catch the viewer's consideration, stand out, and are the huge detail on which the execution of online deals depends. That is the reason product photographs should be wonderful inside and out.
Everything gets edited together, new elements are added in, and the final product is polished until it’s as engaging as it possibly can be.
Every project is unique. The post-production workflow also includes the amount and quality of footage shot and the final delivery requirements.

Steps to remember for post-production:

Improper and unprofessional photoshoots result in Low traction and Brand Value erosion.
Non-engaging photoshoot results in lower conversion and high Average Cost Of Sales (ACOS) or low Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).
High Average Cost Of Sales (ACOS) or low Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) results in advertisement closure and subsequently, sales become dead.
Branding and Messaging are not clear and distinct leading to low traction as e-commerce has a plethora and abundance of products and product differentiation is critical to sales.
Infographics are the oxygen for e-commerce business systems as it highlights the product features applications and Unique Selling Point (USPs).
Non-crisp and unclear images and not according to Amazon guidelines results in rating suppression. Copied content results in infringement product deactivation and product indexing is low and therefore low visibility.
Perhaps the main phases of making advanced images of products include eliminating different stains, dust, scratches, pointless reflections, and any unwanted details. With the assistance of different instruments and graphical modes from the handling programs, you have the chance to clear this multitude of blemishes, which could be a not kidding detriment.
More top to bottom enhancements follow, for example, changing picture calculation by turning and trimming, remedying focal point distortions, honing or relaxing the picture, evolving colors, or adding special effects to the image, and so on.
It is vital that any change is measured and doesn't straightforwardly influence the item. The item picture should compare to the genuine item because the wrong show unavoidably prompts outcomes. To some extent low returns and negative customer feedback.
The psychological side of this setting is related to the fact that the white background helps the human eye to correctly interpret the colours of the product. The background always matters. Removing the background allows subsequent colour changes if necessary, which gives you the advantage to make the product stand out. The combination of immersive video capture and dissemination via mobile VR players is fascinating. It promises to bring audiences closer to a story than any previous platform.

Product Image Style Guidelines:

  • Choose images that are clear, information-rich, and attractive.
  • Should have at least 7 images.
  • Main Picture should be 80% of the canvas post.
  • Visually appealing with some props representing the main product.
  • JPEG is the preferred image format.
  • Images must be at least 1000 pixels on the longest side and at least 500 pixels on the shortest side to be zoomable
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